Let’s Dye Easter Eggs

It’s the day before Easter, the weather is beautiful, and we are going to have a perfect relaxing Saturday.  We started the morning with a Starbucks run.  Afterwards, we came home and I cleaned the kitchen while my three guys swan in the pool.  A little later in the morning we ventured out again and took the boys to get their hair cut.  We are thinking that this will be the last cut until they go back to school in the fall, I do love to let it grow long and blond in the summer.  For lunch we went over to Keystone Korner.  It is a little mom and pop sandwich place out on Tarpon Springs road…and we loved it.  It’s that kind of place that just makes you feel home-grown and country.  You order your food inside and then head outside to eat at a picnic table under a large Oak tree while drinking a grape or orange soda.  After lunch, the boys took their naps and I boiled us some Easter eggs to get ready for dying!

Well, best laid plans…Davy woke up with a 101.6 fever and was crying because his stomach hurt.  I took him over to the Urgent Care around the corner and he tested positive for Strep and his chest x-ray showed the beginning signs of pneumonia.  He has been coughing for over a week, allergies (most everyone around here is), so we were just waiting for something stronger to set in.  We had planned on going to the Saturday night church service…but that’s out now.  One of these years we will make it to an Easter church service.

Courtney came over today, it was perfect timing because she was able to participate in our egg dying activity.  The boys have been looking forward to this all week and it was fun to watch Davy concentrate on the eggs to try to make the perfect.  Matty of course just wanted to dye his green.  He had fun taking them in and out of the egg dye.  The eggs turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to make some delicious egg salad in a few days.

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