The Easter Bunny Was Here!!!

Around 6:45 in the morning, Andy and I were just beginning to wake up when we hear the sound of a kitchen chair scraping across the floor.  We jump out of bed because we know that Davy is searching all through the house for two Easter baskets, hidden by the bunny himself.  Of course it didn’t take him very long, Andy and I were very impressed with his night vision skills because it was still dark in the house.  We wake Matty up, bring him down stairs, and just smile as we watch our two little love bunnies drag their baskets into the living room and begin to dive in….

Matty received a Chuggington train set and it was a huge hit for both boys.

“Mom! I don’t want to smile for any more pictures!!”

As April is blueberry season, it has become tradition over the last couple of years that we make blueberry pancakes on Easter morning.  Yum Yum!!

At 8 o’clock on the dot we began the Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny dropped somewhere around 300 eggs outside, most of them filled with candy…but a few of them had some money!!

After the egg hunt we packed up and headed to granny’s for an Easter dinner.  Davy still had a fever, so we were unable to the Easter service at church.  Along the way to Granny’s, we stopped and let the boys pick Phlox.  I do love them so.  They are the most beautiful wildflower.

The Easter bunny left a couple of baskets for the boys at Granny’s too.  They were thrilled to get more goodies.

Having a fun egg hunt in Granny’s yard.

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