Oldsmar Taphouse 5K

Earlier in the week, Andy called me and said that he was planning a date night for us on Friday and he needed Courtney’s phone number.  Hummm…I love surprise date night!   He had been searching online for local 5k races this summer when he stumbled across this one for this Friday.  It was their third annual race.  I was so excited; not only because I love to run races but because Andy wanted to run it with me.  So he registered us and along with 2,000 other people we took to the street at 7pm.  It was 95 degrees and although we ran on the water, most of the second mile was directly in the sun.  I am happy to report that Andy crushed my time by a full minute and a half…so proud of him.  :O)  Afterwards, we joined the party for snacks, beer, and then headed to Zen for dinner.  This was a wonderful surprise date night.




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