Davy’s First Day of Kindergarten

The big day is finally here!  It’s one of those moments that you talk about for years, and before you know it…. wow it’s here!  Davy is starting Kindergarten.  It wasn’t as overwhelming to us as we had anticipated; after all, last year really was his starting year at Berkeley.  As we climbed out of bed, ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed out the door…it was just like any other school day…

Except… what was easily forgotten about… the 6:40 wake up.  Ugh…  Rise and Shine babies.  To start off the school year, we all sat down for a big chocolate chip pancake breakfast.

After breakfast, we took Davy outside to stand on the front porch for the annual “First Day of School Photos.”

This year Davy gets to bring his own backpack.  So, over the summer I tore out all the backpack pictures that I could find in the different catalogues that come in the mail, laid them out on the table, and let him pick which one he wanted.  He decided on a lime green Lands End Kids backpack with two logos: his name and a pirate patch.

Usually, the morning drop off routine is to go through the car line, but there was no way that we were going to let him go off to Kindergarten without us :O).  We parked the car and as we walked onto the campus we were greeted with the sound of bagpipes…

The first car sitting in the car line was Sophia’s, so we invited her to walk in with us…the children were so excited.

Each child has a designated hook outside of the classroom to hang their backpack, here’s Davy’s…

Good Morning Mrs. Lewis!!!

The Friday before school started, the last day of summer, the school opened the Spirit Shop and invited the children to come in and see their classrooms.  We already had plans to spend the day with Caiden at the beach so we missed coming in and participating in an activity.  Mrs. Lewis was kind enough to let us into the classroom a little early this morning so Davy could find his desk and run through a scavenger hunt with Sophia.

Davy was completely at ease and so excited to see his friends… so with heavy hearts full of love and pride we kissed him goodbye and left.  Our baby is a Kindergartener.

Mrs. Lewis send out a “First Day of School” digital scrapbook and here are a few of fun things that Davy did on his first day:

Fine Arts with Ms. Ansinelli

Spanish with Senora Calladrino

Dance Party with Mrs. Lewis

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