Happy Halloween 2011

After a full day of rain and waiting, the sun finally came out and the children excitedly got dressed…it was time to go Trick-or-Treating!!!  Since Friday a few things have been lost along the way: Matty’s hook, Davy’s sunglasses and tie.  They didn’t care though, at this point it was all about the candy.  At about 5:30 Colin and Connor came over and we knew then that not many were going to make it to six.  I was lucky to get a few photos before they ran out the door.  Once again, here is my OSS Super Agent Kid Spy and Captain “Matty” Hook!

Emma is dressed up like Strawberry Shortcake and Jack is the UPS Man.

Caiden and Hudson were both Ninja Turtles.

I love this photo because although there are so many different things that the children could be carrying to collect their candy in, they all seem to still want to carry the orange pumpkin.

Andy and I feeling a little bit of Halloween spirit!

It didn’t take long for Davy to ditch the mustache, he said that it itched.

Grandpa Barnhart was handing out little bibles and Grandma Barnhart was handing out the candy!

Colin as Harry Potter.

Ashlynn and Landon also dressed as characters from Harry Potter.

Davy and Ashlynn wanted to go trick-or-treating together, so we let Davy run ahead and have fun with her. :O)

Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Grandma Jenni handing out some candy.

Reese dressed as Rapunzel.

While Davy ran ahead, Matty thought that it would be fun to catch a ride in a couple of different wagons…here he is in Mr. Brian’s wagon….

and here he is in Mr. Garrett’s wagon.

Daddy and his boys.

They finally gave up and decided to call it a night.  Daddy let them pick out a handful of candy each to open and they chose to sit on the front porch and watch the other kids go by and collect candy from Papa.  They were so happy today and Andy and I loved every minute of it.

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