Happy 3d Birthday To You Matty Bear

Matty found a Mickey Pirate Ship in his bed this morning when he woke up, and both of the boys were up bright and early playing…  Andy and I climbed out of bed and greeted them with smiles.  We sang Happy Birthday and I pulled out the pan to make him a big plate of chocolate chip pancakes.  These pancakes are special for the boys because we don’t usually give them chocolate for breakfast, I love to watch them squeal with delight.

Next up, Matty had his doctor’s appointment.  He weighed in at 34 pounds and is 38.5 inches tall.  He is a healthy boy.  Afterwards, I took him to two different parks to play.  He loves to play outside.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday night, and he asked for brownies.  So with our hats on and our friends all here…we sang to Matty bear and watched him blow out his candle…  Here’s to number 3!  Love you baby!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY BEAR!!! We love you sooo much – Aunt B, Uncle L and Ryla!!!

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