Strawberry Festival 2012

Last year, I had decided to make it a tradition that one day during the week of the Strawberry Festival I would surprise the boys and check them out of school early to head off to Plant City and play.  Friday, March 2nd seemed just as good as any…so that was our day.  I showed up at Davy’s school at 1:15 wearing my cowboy hat and he just knew the moment he saw me.  Mom agreed to meet us there at 2pm, so we had plenty of time and Davy got to change in the car.

Now, the thing that we learned this year and will do different next year is that Monday-Thursday they have an all you can ride wrist band for $20.  Matty is tall enough now to ride half of the rides at the festival and Davy is tall enough to ride 90% of them.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of money.  We were also under the impression from last year that they boys could only ride the rides on one side of the festival (we assumed it was the kiddie section), but it turns out that they can ride them all over.  More fun for them.

Both boys got to play darts as well as try to win some fish.  All together we won four.

Next, they rode a couple of roller coasters and Davy rode his first big boy ride, the Hang glider…

After we were done riding, we walked through the cattle and stopped at a seal show on the way out.  It started to rain so we ran for cover near the exit….but no trip is complete without the cowboy hat.  Aren’t they so cute!


Both boys crashed on the way home….  Love them.  🙂

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