GA – Around The Cabin

We loved this little cabin that we found on  It is advertised as a two bedroom, but it also has a loft that has two additional twin beds, so all together it has three bedrooms, 5 beds, plus two sleeper couches.  It was the perfect size for us, and a perfect price $109 a night.  What made the experience even so much better, were all of the extras that the house had.  There were tons of stuffed animals, books, movies, games, a large screened in porch, a hot tub overlooking the mountains, a hammock, a fire pit, a swing, and a zip line.

The swing was fun for the them, but a little scary for us.  When you push them off, you are standing on the side of the mountain and it proceeds to slope down so the kids are so much higher than if the ground was flat.

The zip line was far and fast.  Andy had to stand at one end and I stood at the other to catch them.  If they were older they would be able to stop themselves on the tree at the end, but our poor little guys would have crashed into it.  I tried to get their pictures when they were about half way, but they were flying towards me and I was afraid of them crashing.  They loved it!

Sunday night and Monday night, we ended in the hot tub.  The temperature dropped down a little and the kids just had a great time.  Next time we head back to Blue Ridge, this will definitely be where we stay!

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