Bus Stop Water Fight!!

It’s the last day of school for our neighborhood friends, and keeping with tradition all of the parents and other siblings met the children at the bus stop.  As they unloaded off of the bus, we blasted them with water guns, silly string, and water balloons.  This year we had to cancel the neighborhood party on the lawn because of the rain.  Although currently it is only drizzling, the grass would get torn up with the water slides so they postponed the party until later in the summer. 

 Davy and Matty cruising down the sidewalk to meet their friends.

Ready, Aim, and Fire!!!!

Watch out Caiden!

Run Maddie!!!

You Better Duck Fisher’s…

Run Emma!!!

Caiden, Watch the Camera!!!

Water Balloon Fight!!!

Kiersten’s Got Silly String!!!

Poor Nichole!!!

We Love Robin…

Dad Attacks!!!

Little Matty Getting His Watergun!!!

Get Him Payton!!!

Hello Summer!


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  1. Kim

    These are great! Thank you Kathy for sharing these wonderful memories!!

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