Richmond!!! Here we come!!!

Our original plan was to leave on June 30th, Saturday and head up to Kelly’s…but we decided that the traffic would be better if we left on a week day, so Thursday it was.  Andy decided to stay behind on this trip…but don’t worry, even though he is one-handed I didn’t leave him empty-handed :)…  I even precut a lot of the food for him.

We loaded the car the night before and at 4am the alarm went off.  I packed the cooler, loaded a few more things, tucked the boys into their seats, we said goodbye to daddy, and we were off at 4:30 on the dot.

I decided to take I-4 to 95 and by the time we got to Ormond Beach the sun had just crossed the tree line.  We decided to stop for a potty break once we crossed the Georgia line and I would pull out their breakfast.

The way the drive broke up, we ended up stopping in each state…a perfect opportunity for a photos!

I have to include this picture of Molly.  She was sitting shotgun and seemed quite cozy.

After 6 stops, at 4:45pm we pulled into Casa Carothers and we were so happy.  The house is beautiful and we are so excited to be with our friends.

Let the fun begin!!!

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