A Summer Evening Party

I finally locked in a date with Rochelle and Melissa to host a joint 31 and NYR party.  The invitations went out, the menu was set, and the RSVP’s started coming in.  We were very excited.  Little did I know that Tropical Storm Debbie was inviting herself too.  We decided not to cancel and through the tornado warnings, power outages, the crazy amounts of flooding, terrible rains and winds 11 of my beautiful friends still came on over.  We drank Champagne while Melissa gave us facials, browsed through the 31 catalog, and just had a wonderful evening spending time together.  The big food hit of the evening was the Cookie Dough Dip, be on the lookout for recipe to follow….

Melissa setting up for facials!


Cookie Dough Dip w Chocolate Graham Crackers

Catie getting a hand scrub…

Rochelle, Amanda, and Karen

Erica and Jenn

Johanna looking at the 31 catalog

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